Resources & Crops

In Paradise Tycoon, resources and crops play a crucial role in various aspects of the game, such as crafting, building, and participating in events. Understanding the different types of resources and crops available, as well as their locations and rarity, can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Farming Resources: Essential Crops for Sustenance and Trade

By engaging in farming activities, players can cultivate various crops such as wheat, corn, and tomatoes. These crops can be grown using seeds that range in rarity from common to legendary. Small and limited amount of common seeds can be acquired for free from Port Ohana at the beginning of the game to avoid deadlocks. Other seeds can be purchased from vendors or found during exploration. These crops serve as valuable resources for crafting consumables, trading, and participating in events like the Harvest Festival.

Foraging and Exploration: Uncovering Hidden Treasures

As players explore the game world, they will encounter a wide variety of resources, from simple crafting materials like palm leaves or wood to rare gems. Common items can be found on the beach, while rare or legendary ones are more challenging to locate and often require more extensive exploration or participation in special events.

For the most adventurous players, the game also offers opportunities to discover rare and exotic resources. For example, Tycoonium, an elusive material, can only be found deep within the Makubo Jungle. These rare resources provide players with unique crafting opportunities and add an extra layer of excitement to the game.

Fishing: Reeling in Diverse Aquatic Life

Paradise Tycoon's crystal-clear waters offer a wide variety of fish, ranging from common species to legendary catches. Fishing events and competitions allow players to put their fishing skills to the test and possibly reel in some valuable rewards.

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