Competitor Analysis

Competitors and competitive edge

Our main competitors are mainstream titles released on Mobile, PC, and console, such as Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Although we also target the web3 audience, our main competition is in web2. The Monthly Active Users (MAU) of current web3 players represent less than 2% of our potential market in web2.

Simulation & Building is the trending PC game genre of 2023 and 3rd most popular in Mobile Games. Paradise Tycoon will be available for Mobile & PC.

Underrepresented Genre in Web3

Currently, Paradise Tycoon is the only playable web3 Life Simulation on Mobile. Although there are some games in development to be released on Mobile phones, this is clear proof of how well-positioned Paradise Tycoon is especially at the web3 market.

60% of web3 games are Action, PVP, or collectible card games. Only 6% of web3 games are simulation games like Paradise Tycoon. We welcome the competition as we are certain there plenty of room for many life simulation genres utilising web3 technology.

Paradise Tycoon is a unique hybrid of previously mentioned game genres, while still clearly part of the trending category of building and life simulation. Its multi-platform availability helps reach a larger audience than its PC and console counterparts. With the upside of blockchain, it can become a long-lasting and evolving web3 MMO game like some of the most successful traditional MMOs.

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