User Acquisition Strategy

User Acquisition

User acquisition in Paradise Tycoon embraces strategies both from web2 and web3 paradigms, each serving distinct purposes.

Our web2 approach leans on a data-driven methodology for attracting mainstream gamers, benefiting from our team's extensive experience in this domain. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for marketing have been benchmarked early in the game's development, ensuring that Paradise Tycoon resonates with its target demographic. These KPIs have been exceedingly promising, giving us confidence in our ability to onboard millions of web2 gamers. Our primary user acquisition channels in the web2 realm are TikTok and Facebook, the most widely used platforms for mobile game promotion.

On the web3 side, the market is currently smaller, but as it expands, our user acquisition efforts will likewise grow. At present, our strategy is centered on community-building among web3 enthusiasts, gamers, and content creators. To engage this audience, we've distributed early vertical slices of the game, referred to as alpha snapshots. Players are incentivized to complete these snapshots and earn Paradise Coupons, which grant them whitelist slots for free NFT mints and access to Genesis Land which gives them an advantage when the full game launches. Being an early entrant in this space, we're able to capture the attention of web3 gamers, who not only provide valuable playtest data and feedback but also help identify various web3 player cohorts and potentially become loyal players.

The cross-platform compatibility of Paradise Tycoon also offers a unique edge in user acquisition. By appealing to audiences on platforms we wouldn't typically reach with a mobile-only game, we broaden our player base.

Content Creators & Strategic Partnerships

Content creators and streamers, both from web2 and web3 spaces, play a crucial part in our user acquisition strategy. We've fostered close collaborations in innovative ways, involving these influencers directly in the game world. Prominent figures such as SpikeReacts and CryptoStache, for instance, each have their own Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in the game.

We're also building connections across the gaming landscape, forming partnerships with guilds, communities, and other games. One of our most notable collaborations is a partnership with The Sandbox game, attesting to our commitment to cultivating an inclusive and dynamic gaming ecosystem.

Ultimately, our user acquisition strategy is a multipronged approach, designed to reach a diverse range of gamers and grow Paradise Tycoon's community in a sustainable, inclusive, and engaging manner.

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