Background Story

The story begins with our main character receiving a surprising letter from POWC congratulating them on winning a free paradise island! Although the main character can't recall entering any lotteries, they decide to seize this sudden stroke of luck and pack their bags to set sail for the island. Upon arrival, they discover that it's a small uninhabited island located near a village called Port Ohana, which has been greatly affected by a recent pandemic that halted all tourism.

The village has a warm welcoming committee that is eager to receive new members to help rebuild their community. Interestingly, the main character also learns that there are many others who have won free islands as well, which seems strange. Despite the size of the island they won, the main character finds it to be a true paradise, with stunning real estate properties for sale in the surrounding area. Determined to purchase one of these properties, the main character sets out to assist POWC while also earning local currency to achieve their goal.

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