In-App Purchases & Sinks

In Paradise Tycoon players are offered a compherensive selection of one-off and recurring In-App Purchases (IAPs), catering to a diverse playstyles. IAPs can facilitate accelerated progression, help fulfill short or long-term goals, enrich the visual appeal of players' islands, homes, and character aesthetics. All In-App Purchases in Paradise Tycoon will be done using the native Moani token.

NPC Vendors

NPC Vendors play a vital role in helping players maximize their potential in Paradise Tycoon. These friendly vendors, always available at Port Ohana, offer a wide range of products and services to help your production prosper and turn your paradise island into the most incredible destination.

From crafting resources, seeds to customization tools, and consumables, NPC Vendors have everything you need. While purchasing extra resources, and seeds can provide players a quick shortcut to their short-term goals, the customization tools and decorative appliances can be part of a bigger plan for creating your dream home.

With consumables players can get temporary boosts to production, harvesting, or other time-consuming activities, allowing you to get more done in less time. In addition to these items, players can also give their avatars a fresh new look with a set of different character customization options.

By spending MOANI tokens wisely, you can make your Paradise Tycoon experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

NFT Islands

Players can purchase rare, epic, and legendary islands in-game using Moani tokens. These islands are larger, allowing for more buildings such as refineries. This provides players with access to a larger pool of resources, giving them a competitive edge in crafting and events. In addition, these islands contain a higher amount of native resources and offer different tiers in the ParadisePass feature. This enables players to complete tasks for Moani rewards, with the reward level based on the rarity of their island.

NanoPurchases to Unlock a New Market

One of the unique aspects of our game's economy design is the accessibility and affordability of in-app purchases. To achieve this, we will add a layer in our pricing model of very small transactions, starting from a few cents. These NanoPurchases are opportunities for players linked to in-game progress or social activity. These allow players to use special abilities of NFT items, temporary boosts in production, or access giftable consumables, to mention some.

This approach allows us to cater to a wider audience, including players from countries with less purchasing power. By making in-game purchases accessible and affordable, we aim to provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for players from all economic backgrounds.

Because they are on-chain transactions, social features, such as gifting another player (a popular feature in Pokemon Go) with a booster also create options for interoperability.

We take into account all spending behaviors for monetization, but we scale the game economy to also accommodate NanoPurchases. Top-grossing free-to-play games are balanced so that players can spend over $100,000 before hitting a wall, oftentimes increasing with updates. We simply start from a smaller initial amount.

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