Token & NFT On-Boarding

To create a sustainable economy in web3 game, as described in the previous chapters, we need traditional gamers who are willing to pay just for the entertainment and not for the ROI. Part of this process is to introduce token and NFTs to the player gradually as part of the game experience. It will be possible for the players to play the game even without realizing at first that the in-game currency used is a token or for example, some of the items or islands can be minted into NFT.

In Paradise Tycoon, new players start on a free non-NFT island with limited access to common and rare resources obtained through foraging and farming. These resources can be used to build or craft simple, low-level buildings and items, or they can be traded with other players for other resources and items for progress.

The REDDIT -Approach

While players progress through the tutorial quest chain, they will create a player account with wallet and gain access to the multiplayer world. This allows them to forage and collect more resources. These resources can be used to craft higher-level buildings, upgrades, or items. However, these resources can be bound to specific locations, seasons, or unique events, making trading crucial part of the gaming experience.

Imagine this: The trees in a Tycoonโ€™s backyard in one part of the world might be entirely different from those in another, both equally useful, but for a different purpose! This diversity is what makes trading in Paradise Tycoon so exhilarating.

In addition to having better stats, items crafted with rare resources can also be minted into NFTs. Minting can further increase the stats, such as an enchantment in RPG games. This provides a clear incentive for players to use their newly created custodial wallet and gain hands-on experience with an NFT.

We will be create masses of mainstream gamers their first wallets, and they will be introduced to the NFT ecosystem and Token economy possibly without even realizing it. We call this approach the Reddit -approach due to the similar approach of how Reddit engaged milions of users with their NFTs. However in our case, the users will be continuing to use their wallets as game progress.

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