Tools and Consumables


A diverse range of tools helps you get things done in Paradise Tycoon, including but not limited to axes, pickaxes, scythes, shovels, and clippers. Located within a dedicated tab in the player's inventory, these tools are primarily acquired from NPC traders, through crafting, trading, or as rewards from quests or events.

Every tool possesses a distinct item level, rarity, and set of stats. The level and rarity serve as intuitive means for players to compare tool quality without delving into stats. Regardless of level or rarity, every tool features specific stats; however, higher-level items boast superior attributes. These statistics are associated with the House that has provided the player with the blueprint for crafting the tool. For instance, tools crafted with blueprints from the House of Farmers might have stats beneficial to agriculture, while those from the House of Rangers could enhance forestry-related tasks.

Common stats include profession-based luck (e.g., +40 mining luck significantly elevates the chance of procuring valuable resource drops during mining) and speed, which enhances the efficiency of resource extraction. Items of higher rarity also come equipped with unique abilities that can be activated periodically.


Consumables, as the name suggests, are items that the player can consume. These could range from food and drinks to elixirs, providing a temporary boost to player abilities or attributes, thus injecting a short-term strategic element into gameplay. The importance of consumables extends to your Crew Members as well. Keeping your crew fed with consumables ensures their productivity and morale. Players can acquire consumables through a variety of avenues - refining crops in refinery buildings, purchasing them from vendors with Moani, trading with other players, or winning them as rewards in various events. With consumables, the thriving economy of Paradise Tycoon extends from the grandeur of land and NFTs right down to the everyday necessities of island life.

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