User Generated Content

Empowering Players with Creative Freedom

At Paradise Tycoon, we truly believe in player autonomy and creativity, which is why we are pushing the boundaries of web3 social gameplay. Paradise Tycoon encourages players to create their own in-game events, enabling them to shape the in-game world according to their own rules, preferences, and imaginations.

Game Masters: The Creators of Fun

Paradise Tycoon introduces the concept of Game Masters, players who are eligible to create their own events. Initially, Game Masters will comprise of selected content creators and highly active community members. Post the global launch, any player who fulfills certain requirements and applies (similar to Twitch or Discord affiliation programs) can become a Game Master, thus democratizing the creation of fun and engaging experiences.

Events are the epicenter of the Paradise Tycoon experience, offering weekly and monthly developer-created content and Game Master-created engagements. Utilizing the game's interactive environment and craftable items, Game Masters can conjure unique scenarios - imagine setting up goalposts for a friendly soccer match or even shaking things up with a sea-based goal for added difficulty!

The Role and Rewards of Game Masters

Game Masters are responsible for crafting the event, setting the rules, and even deciding an optional participation fee in Moani tokens, contributing to a prize pool. They have the freedom to put a fresh spin on familiar scenarios or create entirely new experiences.

As a reward, Game Masters earn a special in-game currency based on the success of their events, as well as a percentage of the participation fees. This currency can be spent at vendors on GM Island to purchase rare NFTs, which can be traded for income, used in-game, or added to event prize pools to ramp up community interest.

Tech-Forward, Transparent Interactions

In a first for the industry, Game Masters and players will interact directly with smart contracts, ensuring transparency by eliminating any intermediaries in fee collection or distribution.

Quality Assurance: Why Not Everyone Can Create Events?

While we want to empower our players with creative freedom, we also understand the importance of curation for maintaining the quality of experience. To avoid dilution of player attention and ensure the discovery of high-quality events, we plan to gradually and carefully open up event creation to the wider player base in multiple phases.

Player Incentives for Participation

When players participate in events, they gain access to fun, competitive, and social game content, earning rewards set by Game Masters or developers and unlocking achievements.

We aim to allow as much creative freedom as possible. Events can be structured to run over several days or a week with players submitting participation proofs under a tweet. Or it could require the Game Master's presence as a referee for more complex scenarios.

The possibilities are endless, from hosting fishing or soccer challenges on icy islands to social gatherings around a campfire. This flexibility in event creation is the cornerstone of user-generated content, making Paradise Tycoon a true playground for the creative mind.

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