Getting Started

At Paradise Tycoon, we are on a mission to introduce blockchain gaming to a wider audience beyond the crypto-native community. That's why we have designed the game with quick and easy onboarding in mind. To play the game, you can easily download the app for Android devices from Google Play (iOS version will be available later), or access the WebGL version on your browser.

Despite being a web3 game, players won't need NFTs, Tokens, or even a wallet to get started. Don't worry about having to read a manual before you start playing - the game will guide you and onboarding is simple. Just sit back and enjoy the experience!


On browser

Press the following buttons on your keyboard:

W, A, S, and D to move around

E to interact with environments, such as torches, doors, workspace, or NPCs.

SHIFT to run

SPACE to jump

F to use the tool equipped in your hot bar

On Mobile devices

Press the following green buttons on your screen:

4-Arrow button (on the left) to move around

Hand to interact and use tools

Arrows pointing to the right to run

Arrow pointing up to jump

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