Social Incentives

In Paradise Tycoon, players can take pride in their homes and engage in friendly competition adding a new dimension to the social aspect of the game.

Home Showcasing and Voting

As players invite others to their homes, they can put their creativity and unique NFTs on display. Visitors will be able to vote for the homes they find most impressive, with the highest-voted homes being featured on monthly leaderboards. This system encourages players to invest time and effort into personalizing their homes and creating an appealing environment for visitors.

Promote Your NFTs and Engage with the Community

The social competition to have the coolest home serves as an excellent channel for players to promote their NFTs to other players. Gaining recognition through the leaderboards can attract more attention to their NFTs, which can be beneficial for players who plan to trade or sell them. Participating in this aspect of the game can also help players build a reputation within the community and foster connections with other players who share their interests.

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