Wallet Integration

We believe that blockchain's potential should be accessible to all, and it's integral to our approach in Paradise Tycoon. We strive to ensure that integrating the wallet into the gameplay is as seamless as possible, with the intention of not breaking the immersive gaming experience.

  1. Create an account using Social Logins: Shortly after beginning your journey you will be prompted to create an account using any popular social logins to save your game progress and to access features such as crossplatform access.

  2. Player gets a Custodial Wallet for Moani & NFTs: Upon account creation, a custodial wallet will be set up automatically. This wallet is where your Moani tokens and NFTs, such as Land and Crew Members, will be stored.

  3. Earn Moani through Tutorial Quests: As you progress through the tutorial quests, you will earn Moani tokens. By the end of these quests, you'll have enough Moani equivalent to the gas fee of a single transaction.

  4. Mint Your NFT Land with Gas Fee: Now it's time to step into the World of Paradise Tycoon! Use the Moani you've earned from the tutorial quests to pay for the gas fee required to mint your NFT Land. This grants you access to the full gameplay features.

  5. Experience Crypto Currency and NFTs: Congratulations! You've now potentially used cryptocurrency for the first time and possess your first NFT in your newly created wallet. Welcome to the World of Paradise Tycoon!

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