NFT Crew Members

Unique Companions for Your Island

Crew members are unique ERC-721 NFTs that players can acquire through free and/or paid mints, as in-game rewards, or via secondary marketplaces. The supply of crew members is not infinite and will be added to the game in patches. These companions not only help with tasks but also add a touch of personality to your island. They serve as your diligent assistants, assigned to tasks such as farming crops or collecting natural resources. This alleviates the need for players to spend considerable time on maintenance and enables them to focus on trading, building, questing, and adventuring or participating in events.

Sustaining Your Crew

However, your crew members' efficiency is dependent on their well-being. They need to eat to keep their energy levels up. Without adequate sustenance, they can't perform their duties, leading to a decline in island productivity. Hence, players must ensure continuous food production and operational refineries to keep their crew members fed and energetic.

Level Up and Learn New Skills

As you assign tasks to your NFT crew members, they gain experience and eventually level up to learn new skills of your choosing. You can select the right skills to boost any specific part of your production, equipping your crew members to maximize productivity. They can contribute not only to the daily upkeep of your island but also provide invaluable assistance in events and competitions like the Harvest Festival, thus granting a competitive edge.

Rarity: From Common to Legendary

Crew members come in various rarities, ranging from Common to Legendary. The rarity of a crew member determines the types of crops and resources they can collect, as well as the buildings they can assist you in constructing. Rare crew members often have a more striking appearance, making them a sought-after addition to your island. These members, depending on their rarity and skills, can also potentially contribute to your success in events and competitions.

In essence, crew members are the heart and soul of your island operations, adding personality, helping in resource production, and sometimes even aiding in events. However, their contributions come with the responsibility of ensuring their well-being, thus adding another layer of strategy and management to the rich gameplay experience of Paradise Tycoon.

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