Exotic Adventures Beyond Paradise Island

Exotic Destinations & Adventures

For those who crave more than the tranquility of their island home, Paradise Tycoon offers exciting adventures in numerous locations in the rich and diverse Outworld that can be undertaken alone or with friends. In the Outworld locations in Paradise Tycoon, such as Makubo Jungle, players can take on new challenges, discover rare resources and valuable items or even ancient blueprints that aid in crafting and building.

Challenges and Collaboration

Exploring the Outworld can be challenging at times, with certain areas requiring players to solve puzzles or navigate through difficult obstacles. These challenges can be tackled alone or with friends in collaborative areas, adding a new level of excitement and cooperation to the game.

Hidden Side Quests and New Friendships

During their adventures, players can encounter new friends and uncover hidden side quests that offer valuable rewards. These side quests often require exploration and problem-solving skills, but the unique rewards are well worth the effort.

Beta Phase: Makubo Jungle and Exclusive Genesis Areas

In the alpha and beta phase, players will have the opportunity to explore the mysterious Makubo Jungle, as well as exclusive Genesis Areas, such as Ancient Ruins. Access to these special locations is granted by owning a Genesis Key, one of the items minted in the Genesis NFT mint. These intriguing locations promise unparalleled adventure and discovery, enriching the overall Paradise Tycoon experience.

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