Paradise Island

Your Personal Haven

Starting your Journey!

Each player in Paradise Tycoon will have their own paradise island. At first, it serves as the training ground for learning the game's mechanics and is initially isolated from the broader metaverse. Once ready, players are connected to adjacent lands forming a neighborhood to unlock the full range of game content, including minting of their island as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Early participants of the Alpha and Beta snapshots will have already acquired Genesis Islands using Paradise Coupons before the World Creation Event, i.e., the global game launch. These islands have been pre-minted, while new players can also choose to purchase islands in-game with Moani.

Create your Paradise!

Every Paradise Island acts as a canvas for creativity and exploration. Players can utilize their land for farming, crafting, foraging, and building, personalizing their environment and inviting friends from all over the world to collaborate, trade, compete or just to hang around. Each island features a harbor that serves as a gateway to the larger metaverse, enabling players to embark on adventures to other player islands, the bustling Port Ohana, or explore the outer world's numerous exotic locations.

Paradise Tycoon's neighborhoods consist of eight individual player islands, unified by shared communal land. This collective space fosters social interaction and resource collection, often offering rarer items not found on personal islands. Players will be divided into plains, each consisting of 125 neighborhoods.

A Playground for Events and Competitions

Beyond the core gameplay, Paradise Tycoon offers a variety of competitive activities and events. Additionally, the game encourages players to organize their own parties and events, promoting a sense of community and limitless entertainment.

Advantages of Higher-Ranking Islands

The value of your Paradise Island is reflected in its ranking. Higher-ranking lands provide additional benefits, such as slots for larger, upgradeable residential and production buildings, enhanced resource harvesting options, and more visually striking features. Regardless of rank, all players find themselves in close proximity to others, encouraging interaction and friendship in this enchanting tropical universe.

Whether building a peaceful oasis or thriving in the spirit of competition, Paradise Tycoon provides players with a diverse and engaging tropical gaming experience.

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