Social Interaction

Local and Friend Chats

Familiar to those who have played other massively multi-user games, Paradise Tycoon includes local or area chats that allow you to chat with anyone within hearing range. Additionally, you can chat with neighbors and friends on your friend list, keeping in touch no matter where they are in the metaverse.

Emotewheel: Express Yourself

Players can use the Emotewheel to perform a variety of emotes that other players can see, such as dabbing, waving, or cheering. This feature adds a fun and engaging way to interact with others and express your emotions.

The Message of the Day: Stay Informed and Celebrate Success

Each time a player logs in for the first time of the day, they will be greeted with a Message of the Day (MOTD). This simple window provides the latest news about events, updates, and other relevant information. Sometimes, the MOTD may include a little gift or showcase a spectacular Tycoon who has achieved something noteworthy, such as winning an event or topping the social leaderboard. This feature helps players stay informed and engaged while also celebrating the accomplishments of fellow players.

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