Port Ohana

A Vibrant Hub for Commerce, Services, and Social Interaction

Port Ohana serves as a bustling port village and home to a diverse array of non-player characters (NPCs) in Paradise Tycoon. This lively location is where players can engage with merchants, vendors, and various service providers, while also making their first trades to earn MOANI tokens.

Diverse Trading Opportunities

At the NPC Trader, players can trade or purchase resources, crafting tools and items, or other goods. At the NPC Vendor you can spend some Moani to buy consumables that can boost production, as well as vanity items and customization tools for enhancing buildings and personalizing the player's environment. While Vendors in Port Ohana accept MOANI tokens, typically the Traders accept other items or resources as well.

Auction House: Player-to-Player Trading

The Auction House is the cornerstone of player-to-player trading in the game, providing a thriving marketplace where players can buy, sell, and trade items with one another. This dynamic hub fosters a strong in-game economy and encourages interaction among players.

Additional Services and Points of Interest

Port Ohana is home to a variety of other buildings and NPCs, offering an engaging and dynamic experience for players. Additionally, Sidequest NPCs can be found throughout the village, offering exciting new tasks and objectives for players to embark on. The Barbershop provides a unique opportunity for players to change their character's appearance, ensuring that their in-game persona is tailored to their preferences and style.

Event NPCs, also known as Game Masters, can also be found in Port Ohana, providing information and guidance for special in-game events and activities.

Port Ohana stands as a vital and dynamic center in the world of Paradise Tycoon, bringing players together for commerce, services, and social interaction while enriching their overall gaming experience.

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